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A naturally gifted outstanding teacher in and outside the classroom.
William Calzaretta, Ph.D., Former Interim Director, DePaul University,
School of Public Service
(teaching observation)

An absolutely superb faculty member.
Bud Baker, Ph.D., Former Chair, Department of Business and Intl Business,
Raj Soin School of Business, Wright State University (reference)

His classroom is a dynamic and educational environment.
Trent Engbers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science,
University of Southern Indiana
(teaching observation)

Empowering you to Do Good Great

Full Teaching Professor
DePaul University School of Public Service

Spring 2016 Evaluation Results

Representative Teaching Evaluations


Infotainment at its most energetic and insightful!
Alec Dickey, Former External Communications Director, Opera America


Mark Light's contagious enthusiasm, theatrical style, high energy, and sense of humor make his Been there - done it - here’s how presentations standing-room-only hits. Well-organized and content-rich, presentations can be customized for length and interactive workshops are available to extend the learning.


Passionate and powerful - excellent!
Terri Jaconet, The Graduate Academy for Community Leadership


The Strategic Board takes your board to a new level of high performance in this eye-opening and interactive workshop where participants discover the seven realities of governance and the five questions that tackle them head on. Based on his popular book, The Strategic Board, takeaways include easy-to-implement tools to improve board performance and a quick assessment tool. This workshop is also delivered as a day-long customized board retreat.


Do Good Great - Purpose Driven Strategy: For St. Vincent de Paul, good enough never is; you must do good great. . In this energetic and hands-on workshop, you will learn how to create mission driven strategies. After getting up to speed on concepts and first steps, you'll build a new "Haiku" mission for your agency. You will then use four powerful methods to generate scores of ideas for new strategies, learn three different tools to winnow your ideas down to the best one, and build it into a full strategy using the 5 Ps of people, product, place, price, and value proposition. Filled with take-aways to use right now, you'll leave knowing how to make mission driven strategy to do good great.

I would recommend working with Mark Light in ANY capacity.

Yamani Hernandez - Executive Director, Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (testimonial)


Hire Hard - Manage Easy: Why don’t they just do their jobs? You have tried teaching, empowering, enriching jobs, and micro-managing, but nothing helps. How about taking the “Hire hard, manage easy” way instead? In this upbeat workshop, you’ll learn how to design the perfect job, where to find the best candidates, how to select top performers, and what it means to manage easy for the best results. Tired of settling for B and C players? Get the A Players you want; learn how in this workshop.


Dr. Conflict: Learning how to manage conflict is the key to thriving in the new millennium where collaboration is king. The doctor is in and shows you just how to do it in this always practical presentation based on his Dr. Conflict column in The Nonprofit Quarterly and his years of mediation in small claims and juvenile courts. Whether as a half-day workshop or nine-hour master class, you'll learn how to approach conflict with confidence and possibility.

Wow, what great energy!
Participant, Managing Conflict workshop, Community Foundation for Monterey County, CA (participant evaluations)

Street Smart Ethics: It’s not the right versus wrong questions that give you trouble; it’s the right versus right dilemmas. In this stimulating hands-on workshop, you’ll learn about moral imagination, the two dominant philosophies, behavioral ethics, and how to build ethical groups and organizations. Even better, you will learn how to use the best decision making model around that comes with its own smart-phone app). By the time you walk out, you'll have the street smarts to succeed at doing the right things right.


Thank you for the tremendous job facilitating our Board retreat. You hit it out of the ballpark.
Daniel J. McCabe, Chief Administrative Officer, CareSource Management Group


Finding George Bailey - Wonderful Leaders, Wonderful Lives: He is underpaid and overworked, his organization lives from payroll to payroll, and he is saddled with hard working, loyal, but not always competent staff. He is George Bailey, the central character in Frank Capra’s classic It’s a Wonderful Life. In this uplifting and always practical workshop with film clips, Mark Light challenges the myth of the larger-than-life heroic leader and instead introduces George Bailey as a purposeful, strategic, driven, adaptive difference maker – a wonderful leader with a wonderful life. It’s year-round wonderful, but also a perfect holiday treat that delivers results.


Four-Frame Leadership: Based upon the best-selling Reframing Organizations by Lee Bolman and Terrance Deal, this workshop takes participants on a journey through the four frames (structural, human resource, political, and symbolic) to enhance their perspectives on how to lead and solve problems. Participants start by taking an assessment to find out their preferred frame and then learn about all the other frames. Although most people use either the structural or human resource frame, real effectiveness comes from multi-framing that adds the advocacy and symbolic frames. Takeaways include a powerful problem analysis tool that helps you understand the root causes of problems to generate practical solutions. Best of all, you'll be well on your way to becoming a multi-framer when you leave the workshop.


"You're a rockstar at our program!"
James Abruzzo and Alex Pino, Co-founders,
Institute for Ethical Leadership (testimonial)

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